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  Is your business at the point where you want it? For the past 12 years I have been calling on Outdoor Power equipment dealers.  On many, many of these calls, I have had to wait for the owner or parts manager. While I waited I usually chatted with customers while their equipment was being repaired.  As they complained about the problems of equipment maintenance and the work itself, I often asked why they didn't’t employ a landscape company.  I would often get replies like, “Oh I don’t want strangers around my house.” Or “My wife is home alone and is afraid of people coming into the yard.”  While these fears are misplaced, they were real to the customers.  Workers who arrive at the work site in old “work clothes” often appear less than trustworthy.

How can a reputable landscaping company overcome such perceptions?  One answer is to have the workers appear more professional in their dress.  If they are wearing a neat t-shirt with perhaps the logo of your company, shorts, and a matching ball cap with the bill correctly placed, they would look professional and a representative of your company.  The workers would of course need SAFE LEGS™ and SAFE ARMS™ to protect their legs and arms while mowing, or trimming.  But they would remove these as soon as they are finished to cool and become refreshed for the next job.

Most landscapers spend only 20% of their time using trimmers so they need’t be wearing hot jeans  during their entire job or travel between jobs.  Help your crew to look more professional and feel more refreshed and cooler by removing SAFE LEGS™ and SAFE ARMS™ after they have done their work.  It works the same as when a person gets out of the swimming pool and feels chilled in warm temperatures.  Water evaporating on the skin cools the entire system.    

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