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About Us

Bower, Inc. received its corporation charter in 1995. At that time, our products were produced as accessories to be used by Landscapers and Home Owners. Prior to receiving its charter, Bower, Inc. spent one year of research, development, and testing of the products. They had to be well made, with quality materials, and perform to do what was claimed they would do. Our focus has not changed.

Over the years, inquiries and requests have emerged, and so has our product line. Now we have added products for the medical field.

Each and every product that is sold is inspected before shipment. We do not inspect our products on a random basis.

All of our materials are made in the USA . Our staff of workers have tremendous experience in their profession, and take great pride in the finished products.

Bower, Inc. is a small corporation with over 310 dealers nationwide, the Caribbean, and the Far East .

We welcome the chance to provide you with a quality product that provides an answer to common problems.


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Bower, Inc.
830 Pine Harbor Rd. Pell City, AL 35128


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